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When you purchase a collect and return warranty, you can rest certain that there will be no additional costs if a problem arises. Simply pack the computer in its original packing and our courier will call to collect it on a working day that is convenient for you. After that, we’ll fix your computer and return it to you free of charge.

Warranty ServiceParts Warranty PeriodLabour Warranty PeriodCollection Costs Covered
Hardware Technical Support PeriodHardware Technical Support Cost
3 Year Standard1 Year3 Years1 MonthLifetime0333*
3 Year Silver1 Year3 Years1 YearLifetime0333*
3 Year Gold2 Years3 Years2 YearsLifetime0333*
3 Year Platinum3 Years3 Years3 YearsLifetime0333*

When on contract, calls to 03 numbers are included in your basic network minutes as well as any included call packages from landlines. The cost of calls to 01 and 02 numbers is the same if you do not have a call plan or are utilising pay as you go.

COMPARING WARRANTIES WITH OTHER COMPANIES When looking at a company’s warranty choices, read between the lines to discover what you’re truly receiving rather than what you might be led to assume you’re getting. Some firms advertise a “three-year guarantee,” but when you read the fine print, this merely translates to a one-year RTB warranty with a two-year “labour warranty.” In comparison to other choices, they sometimes do not collect for free, making their warranty package quite minimal (and potentially pricey).


  • Accidental injury.
  • General wear & tear, buyer abuse, negligence, or damage Goods installed incorrectly.
  • Excessive dirt/dust buildup causes overheating.
  • Expendables (Ink Cartridges, batteries, etc).
  • Data recovery and data, file, and programme backup.
  • Solution for improperly installed or unsuitable software that is not given.
  • Virus treatment.
  • Third-party software/hardware compatibility.
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