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Today I spoke with Bradley about a problem with my PC being sluggish in games. We used a DDU to delete the gaming driver and reinstall it, which restored normal performance. He was very understanding of my poor internet and provided me with computer and internet advice (which I really need) Thank you very much for all you do at ComputerSpecialist!


So when I called to ask for some packaging to be delivered to me for my RMA, I spoke with Chris. Chris was really patient with me as we discussed a possible technique to start up my computer so that I could use it while waiting for it to be picked up. He also ensured that I would be without my computer for far less time. I had a dead PC that wasn’t operating that I would be without for 2-3 weeks before I called. After speaking with Chris, I now have a computer that I can use, that will be with me for the next two weeks, and that I should be able to return to very shortly after being picked up. Chris Leathem, you are truly great, and I am grateful for your professionalism, expertise, and patience!


I’d like to express my gratitude to Mark for his effort in assisting me with an issue with my computer not connecting to the internet. Mark was extremely patient and dedicated in his efforts to bring me back online. He ultimately got me back on the internet. I’d also like to thank Stephen because I had to call a second time when the problem resurfaced for some reason. Stephen was patient once more and walked me through a few more checks. Both workers represent your organization well and provide exceptional customer service. I appreciate it.


I liked how simple it was to customize things online. The computer that was given to me was the most beautifully constructed computer I’ve ever seen. It’s spotless on the inside and runs like a beast. I also ordered the PC at 7 p.m. on a Monday. (I paid an additional £25 for express delivery) It arrived on my doorstep on Friday afternoon, four days later. I really appreciated how you kept me informed about the construction progress. I can’t say enough good things about them. Thank you to your entire team; you do fantastic work.


PCS has provided excellent customer service. They had excellent communication, were simple to reach, and were always prepared to assist with effective, timely advice. They also paid close attention to requirements, tailoring services and recommendations appropriately. My PC construction was likewise completed quite quickly.


I’ve been purchasing laptops from this company for many years and have never regretted my decision. All of the prior ones, including my most recent one, are of extremely excellent quality and satisfy all of the stated requirements and attributes. It’s necessary since I don’t utilize common operating systems. That is why I went with this brand. I wish this organization’s personnel and executives a long life, excellent health, and financial stability.


If I ever need a new computer, these are the people I’ll be calling! Everything was just on the money! Every step of the process, there was constant communication so I understood precisely what was going on. I knew when it was dispatched and when it was due to arrive! It was neatly wrapped and secured when it came, and it was actually plugged in and ready to go without a hitch! Highly recommended! ComputerSpecialist stands true to its name!


When I was looking for a replacement desktop and couldn’t find one built to the specs I wanted, I came across ComputerSpecialist and decided to give them a try. Configuring a custom PC is very easy to use as long as you know what you want, as all you have to do is decide how much you want to spend and then use the drop-down boxes to build your PC while getting a running total. They said it would take 14 working days to get to the ready for dispatch stage, and it did. It arrived in a strong container the next day. Overall, a fantastic experience, and I would strongly recommend this firm.


I’ve purchased several PCs from ComputerSpecialist over the years, and just received the gaming PC of my dreams last week; it’s truly a work of art, quiet, quick, and just stunning. I’m overjoyed and can’t say enough good things about them. I also want to thank Chris and Mark on the phone for assisting me with a problem (of my own creation, not theirs) that was quickly resolved and for being really nice and helpful. Thank you for building the PC of my dreams; I can’t wait to upgrade when this one wears out.


I’m in my late seventies and had a very precise laptop. A friend recommended ComputerSpecialist, and I was pleased to see that the website was simple to access and that the pricing indicated was competitive with what is available on the high street. The laptop arrived on schedule and in excellent condition. Excellent work.

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